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We offer professional residential appliance repair services in Santa Monica and surrounding areas. As a major appliance repair company, Everest Tower Appliance Repair strives to provide you with a full range of services which cover any issues you may experience while working with your household devices and equipment you may have at your home. We are Licensed and Insured.

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Everest Tower Appliance Repair has been helping angelenos for more than 3 years. For these years we have delivered high quality appliance repair and maintenance services across Los Angeles area. We are one of the top 10 appliance repair companies in Santa Monica, Venice and Marina del Rey.

Common Washer Issues We Can Repair

Washing machines are incredibly useful and essential household appliances but unfortunately, they’re not always reliable.

Common problems that we can repair include:

  • Leaking Water. Leaking is often due to a blocked pump or hose, while failure to spin could mean an issue with the motor or belt.
  • Washers that Don’t Spin. Washers that don’t spin may be due to broken lid switch, a defective belt, or a defective motor.
  • Strange Noises When Running. Odd noises may be caused by worn-out bearings or out-of-balance load.
  • Lack of Agitation. Low agitation can be caused by broken agitator blades or glazed belts.
  • Difficulty Filling Up With Water. The washer may struggle to fill up if it has a clogged inlet valve.

Our professional washer repair technicians can handle these issues, among all others that your washer may be experiencing.

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